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Lum Tec Combat B Series
Lum Tec Combat B Series
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Lüm-Tec Combat B Series, assembled in Ohio, wearable everywhere.

You might have seen them on social media recently, based in the USA, Lüm-Tec Watches is a family company that creates beautiful and stylish timepieces. Here is one in particular that you have to discover : the Combat B45 GMT Watch!

Lüm-Tec Watches is a brand worth knowing. If you are looking for a hand built watch, for a family run company, based in the USA, this is the brand for your next watch buy.

Lüm-Tec offers multiple collections with amazing and interesting watches. Today, let’s focus on the Combat B Series watches, because they are not only gorgeous, but also versatile. The Combat B45 GMT Watch is one that caught our attention. It has a military-style beige nylon strap and a large detailed case.

What’s super interesting about Lüm-Tec Watches is the MDV Luminous Technology they developed to offer a high luminous reactivity on the watch, which is unmatched anywhere else. Also, this watch is hand-assembled in Ohio, is equipped with a Swiss movement and boasts a 200 meter water resistance. Lots to offer, and to show!