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Adidas Archive_M1, back to simplicity, without compromising style

\ Adidas

Adidas went straight to the point with the Adidas Archive_M1 Watch : beautiful, practical and timeless. What more do you need in a watch? Choose your favorite between the four available colors.

What can we say, Adidas is just always on point. The Adidas Archive_M1 watch is a classic, timeless piece. They could have gone all out with an animated screen, colorful background, etc., but they stayed true to their roots and offered us a perfect watch. Adidas, a German company founded in 1924, describes it as its rich heritage of the 70’s with a nod to the more simple time. This watch is indeed simple, and respects Adidas’ authentic identity, which is what everyone loves about this company.

The Adidas Archive_M1 watch is 36mm wide and comes in four colors : black, gold, rose gold and silver. All of these options will suit both women and men perfectly. We particularly like the silver model, that has a red reset button and a blue start/stop button, adding a nice touch to the design of the watch. We also like the fact that Adidas went in a different route with this watch. They made a new watch that is unisex, on trend, on point. Just what we need.

Both the bracelet and the case are made of stainless steel, which is very durable and practical. The bracelet is 24mm wide, so it will fit anybody. This watch is a staple piece for everyone to include to their collection. Adidas is known for pieces that don’t go out of style, and the Archive_M1 watch is a perfect example of that.

Adidas Archive_M1, a perfect fit for everyone.

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