Top 10 Best Running Watches for 2015

Top 10 Best Running Watches for 2015

All Watches Available on Amazon Are you looking for the perfect training partner? We have ten of them here for you to choose from. These are the best running watches on the market and they are all excellent companions on smooth roads or rugged trails. They will give you feedback on vital metrics like speed, distance and time. Use this information to adjust your effort on the go.

The watches will help you stay on target pace so that you’ll reach your goals for every workout. When you’re ready to race, they will guide you towards the finish line, showing your splits mile after mile. So go out there and beat your personal records with these gorgeous running watches.

Garmin Forerunner 620 - Running Watches

1. Garmin Forerunner® 620

The Usual Garmin Functionality Topped Up With Dynamic Metrics, Wifi, and Social Networking

First among running watches to measure the wearer’s dynamics, the Garmin Forerunner 620 is a far cry from its predecessor, the Forerunner 910. Its sporty but sleek design makes it even more attractive. It micro-manages your running schedule, predicting your race times, checking your stage of recovery, measuring your dynamics, and sending you alerts about them as you run. Wifi connectivity means all your data automatically beelines from your watch to your smartphone each time you finish a run. The Garmin Forerunner 620 is one of the best running watches available today even though it also one of the most expensive at $449 for the model with heart rate monitor.

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Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ - Running Watches


A GPS Smartwatch With Phoneless Data Connectivity

Available November 2014

The Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ is best known for its phoneless data connectivity feature. You can connect the IRONMAN ONE to a heart rate monitor through Bluetooth and send your running data to fitness apps like Strava, and RunKeeper to get performance analysis. Paired with its built-in GPS, the HRM connectivity makes it one the best watches in 2015. The watch isn’t fashion savvy but the small 1.5 inch touch screen can send messages, SOS alerts, and locations. There is 4 GB of space for you to fill with music that you can listen through a Bluetooth headset.

Read The Full Review(Available November 2014)

Polar V800 - Running Watches

3. Polar V800

A Running Watch for Professional Sportsmen

Polar V800 is an advanced running watch with reliable GPS and a great heart rate monitor that keeps pumping during vigorous exercising and even while swimming. With a large square dial and silicon straps, it looks stylish but a little chunky. You can connect it to Polar’s external sensors via Bluetooth for cycling and running. The running watch’s Smart Coaching feature that produces detailed performance analysis makes it a valuable training partner for professional sportsmen. Polar’s syncing solution for the V800, the Polar Flow web app hasn’t yet realized its full potential. You may have a hard time fetching data from external sensors to it.

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TomTom Runner Cardio - Running Watches

4. TomTom Runner Cardio

Free Yourself of HRM Chest Straps

The TomTom Runner Cardio is one the best running watches for light runners. It has a sturdy construction and clear screen. The Runner Cardio uses a built-in heart rate monitor, freeing runners of extra accessories like chest straps. Measuring heart beat rate, pace, speed, and distance, it alerts the runner to his performance goals, laps, and intervals in real-time. The device syncs to various fitness apps, sending data through Bluetooth instead of wifi. It doesn’t measure dynamics but no running watch in its price range does. Runners have to choose between five intensity levels before they start running, cycling, or swimming (yes, it is waterproof till 50 m).

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Suunto Quest Running Pack - Running Watches

5. Suunto Quest Running Pack

Award-winning HRM, Zilch GPS

The Suunto Quest Running Pack leans heavily on Suunto’s pods to earn its worth. It doesn’t have built-in GPS, you will need the Suunto GPS pod. The watch provides real-time duration and intensity analysis but to get speed and distance measurements, you need to have the Foot POD Mini. Copy that for transferring data because you will need the Movestick Mini pod. But these pods aren’t all bad because they are light-weight, cut out the uncertainty of satellite acquisition, and will work with your other Suunto watches. The bottom line is that the actual cost of your Suunto running watch may factor out to be significantly higher than the advertised $299 but it wraps around your wrist like a snake and does have an incredible heart rate monitor. Proceed according to your budget.

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Nike+ SportWatch - Running Watches

6. Nike+ SportWatch

Powered by Tom Tom, Nike+ Running Delivers Great Features

Nike+ SportWatch running watch is a overall great GPS watch. Its GPS and Nike+ sensor work in a tag team to record your training data without any breaks. It measures time, distance, pace or speed, and calories. It doesn’t include a heart beat monitor but is compatible with Polar’s HRM device, the Wear Link Nike+ Transmitter Set. Its USB connectivity facilitates data transfer and charging. If you are a person who performs better with a running partner, Nike+ will match you to plenty. The proliferating community allows you to challenge friends, set goals, make training plans, and discover running areas.

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Mio Alpha - Running Watches

7. Mio Alpha

Running Watch With Award-winning Heart Rate Monitor and a Humble Price Tag

For $199, the Mio Alpha gives you a heart rate monitor that uses award-winning technology and is built-in, freeing you of uncomfortable chest straps. True, there is no GPS but think of it, you don’t need one because you can connect your Mio running watch to your GPS-enabled smartphone. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity opens a world of great fitness apps. Slender-wristed runners will find solace in the Alpha’s 132-172 mm wide wristbands. The lack of wifi connectivity is nullified by the powerful Bluetooth. The Mio Alpha delivers incredible value to the runner. There is no way it isn’t one of the best running watches available today.

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Adidas miCoach Smart Run - Running Watches

8. Adidas miCoach Smart Run Watch

Smart and Sexy

A sleek watch with a color touchscreen display, the Addidas miCoach Smart Run has been pulling crowds since its launch. The smartwatch’s list of features is pretty impressive. It has a heart rate monitor (a strapless one, rejoice!), a GPS, a Bluetooth 4.0 as well as WLAN connectivity. It can also play store up to 4 GB of music that is played through a wireless headset. The device syncs well with fitness apps including Strava. The Adidas miCoach SMART RUN pioneered smart watches but now faces stiff competition from the Timex IRONMAN ONE+ that offers phoneless data connectivity for about the same price as the miCoach Smart Run.

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Garmin Forerunner 910XT - Running Watches

9. Garmin Forerunner® 910XT

A Running Watch to Take Swimming

The Garmin 910XT is a powerhouse of a running watch. Like all other running watches, it packs a GPS, a heart rate monitor and syncs data to a software (in this case, the highly useful Garmin Connect) but it also has triathlon training features. It reports running, elevation, as well as cycling metrics with room for measuring biking meters with an ANT+ sensor. It is a pity that the 910XT is still using the ANT+ USB stick to transfer data instead of wifi. Meanwhile, the 910XT is so good that you could probably make yourself come to terms with the $399.

Read the full reviewBuy Now (399$)

New Balance GPS Trainer - Running Watches

10. New Balance GPS Trainer

A $150 Running Watch With GPS ‘and’ HRM

New Balance has managed to deliver an inexpensive running watch that features a GPS as well as a heart rate monitor (HRM). However, the New Balance GPS Trainer loses out in other departments. It has neither Bluetooth nor wifi connectivity; so you can forget telling the world about your latest running woot. It’s a tough call choosing between the NX980’s robust performance analysis and data backup software and fitness apps like RunKeeper that work with wifi/Bluetooth running watches. This could have been one of the best watches if it allowed syncing to mobile apps.

Read the full reviewBuy Now (150$)

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