Top 10 Watch Storage Boxes

Top 10 Watch Storage Boxes

If you are the owner of a high-end watch, storage is important to preserve the quality and value of such a timepiece. The same is true if you are a watch collector. When it comes to purchasing a box for storing your watches, the wide range of choices available on the market can be confusing.

While the exterior design is important, you should not overlook the interior compartments. The space between the storage box lid and your watches should be at least half an inch. This will ensure your watches stay free from scratches while under storage.

1. Wolf Designs #4586029 Watch Storage Box

Wolf Designs 4586029 Watch Storage BoxThis storage box from Wolf Designs weighs a paltry 6.3 pounds. To keep your timepieces secure, the sturdy wood frame boasts of black calf leather padding. At the base, the storage box has a drawer with three slots for storing watch tools, pens, or jewelry.

Capacity: 10 Watches & 1 Drawer
Model #: 4586029
Retail Price: $165


2. Caddy Bay Collection Black Classic Watch Storage Box

Caddy Bay Collection Black Classic | Watch Storage BoxYou can never go wrong purchasing this Caddy Bay watch case with a clear glass top. To keep your watches scratch free, soft black felt fabric lines the interior. In addition, you get a logo printed microfiber cleaning cloth and gold plated key.

Capacity: 20 Watches
Model : Black Classic Watch Case Display Box
Retail Price: $110


3. Tech Swiss Watch Box Burlwood Matte Finish Watch Storage Box

Tech Swiss Burlwood Matte Finish | Watch Storage BoxIf you require lots of space for your timepieces, the XL wide compartments in this Tech Swiss Watch Box should be more than enough. The camel colored faux suede interior lining complements the rich matte Burlwood finish. To prevent scratches, soft velvet lines the bottom of the watch box.

Capacity: 10 Watches
Model # : TSBXA10BUR
Retail Price: $59.95


4. Caddy Bay Collection Carbon Fiber Pattern Watch Storage Box

Caddy Bay Collection Carbon Fiber Pattern Watch Storage BoxIf you are looking for quality, this Caddy Bay single level faux carbon fiber watch box is the perfect choice. The interior consists of 10 compartments with removable cushions. When not storing watches, you can use this box to keep jewelry, cufflinks, and watch tools secure.

Capacity: 10 Watches
Model : Carbon Fiber Pattern
Retail Price: $100


5. Diplomat Black Leather & Suede Interior Watch Storage Box

Diplomat Carbon Fiber Suede Interior Watch Storage BoxElegance and luxurious storage space defines this case. While the exterior is made of carbon fiber, the interior boasts of soft black suede. You can rest assured your valuable timepieces are safe inside.

Capacity: 6 Watches
Model : Diplomat Carbon Fiber & Suede
Retail Price: $89


6. Tech Swiss Black Leather Watch Storage Box

Tech Swiss Black Leather Watch Storage BoxIf watch collection is your passion, you can never go wrong with this Tech Swiss watch box. The genuine leather box can easily store regular or oversize timepieces. Whether it is watches for men or women, the removable soft and plush charcoal grey faux suede fabric finishes the interior look.

Capacity: 24 Watches
Model : Tech Swiss Black Leather
Retail Price: $189.95


7. Wolf Designs #4585029 Watch Storage Box

Wolf Designs 4585029 | Watch Storage BoxThis is another spectacular storage box from Wolf Designs. The soft 60mm pillows keep all stored watches secure and scratch free. In addition, the storage box has a clear display window.

Capacity: 15 Watches
Model # : 4585029
Retail Price: $145


8. Caddy Bay Collection Piano Glossy Black Wood Watch Storage Box

Caddy Bay Collection Piano Glossy Black Wood Watch Storage BoxFor watch collectors looking for quality, this piano glossy black finish wood storage box more than delivers. The interior clearance of 8.2 cm and soft removable cushions ensure your watches never lose value due to scratches. You can also use the box to store jewelry.

Capacity: 20+ Watches
Model # : 255BK
Retail Price: $150


9. Tech Swiss Aluminum Storage Box

Tech Swiss Aluminum Watch Storage BoxIf you fancy something sturdy, this Tech Swiss watch box should be your choice. The box also comes with a frontal lock and key for securing your timepieces. In addition, the interior is made of removable plush black fabric.

Capacity: 8 Watches
Model # : TSBOXAL8
Retail Price: $89


10. Wolf Designs 4583029 Watch Storage Box

Wolf Designs 4583029 Watch Storage BoxFor lovers of mechanical and quartz watches, this portable black watch storage box is the ideal choice. The solid wooden box has a clear and sturdy glass lid. Buyers also get a lock and key to keep prized watches secure.

Capacity: 5 Watches
Model # : 4583029
Retail Price: $75

High-end watches cost a lot of money. For this reason, they should be stored properly lest they are damaged. Arguably, watch storage boxes offer a practical solution to this dilemma. Each of the 10 watch boxes discussed above would be ideal for a specific application.


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    The nature of the tech Swiss aluminum storage box is really awesome for the forty bucks you use. There’s a bit “Made in China” sticker at the bottom I recently perceived at the same time, hey, what else is new. The case looks preferable in individual over in the pictures and is made of a splendid, silver aluminum outside with some extremely minor scratches. The kind at are just obvious provided that you require the exertion to tilt it in the light to see them.


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